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Welcome to the website of Epsilon ry; a student organization for physics and mathematics students in University of Eastern Finland.

Here you can find information about everything you need to know.

When you are a member of Epsilon ry you can participate in our events and get to wear overalls.  We also take care of the promotion of interests of our members.

The 20€ membership fee needs to be renewed every five years if you want to stay as a member.

How to join us:

1. Fill out the form below.

2. Pay your membership fee (20€)

Bank account number: FI50 8000 1001 4806 32

Receiver: Epsilon ry

Message: Your name + "membership fee"

Sum: 20 €

3. We will give you an Epsilon ry - sticker which shows us that you are a member. You can collect the sticker from Thursdays' coffee breaks (1.45pm-2.15pm in Metria building) 

4. (Optional) If you want to ensure that you are accepted as a member in the next board meeting, send us an email with the payment receipt attached.
(All member applications need to be accepted in a board meeting due to the Finnish Association act.)

And that's it!